Social Media Marketing

Many businesses fail to realize the importance of how to cash in on an active social media presence. If your social media accounts do not have a substantial following, guest posts or adequate marketing content or if you do not interact with your customers through your social accounts, your business is losing out money by the minute! Nadine Carr Agency offers tailor-made social media management solutions and support to turn your business around.

Social Media Channels

As your business grows, so does your social standing. If you don’t have enough time to regularly update your business’s social media pages, then let Nadine Carr help you out. With our team of dedicated, highly creative and passionate individuals, we design customized social media marketing and management plans. Utilizing a unique mix of graphics, SEO text and audio aids, we communicate your business messages strategically to your audience, regardless of their geographical location. So sit back and explore further business opportunities, while we take care of company’s social standing! Here’s what we offer:

Plan of Action

  • Social Strategy Development
  • Content Strategy Development
  • Graphics and Video Selection
  • Brainstorming Marketing Ideas
  • Draft Social Media Campaigns and Promotions

Going Viral

  • One-on-one Interaction with Audience
  • Viral Marketing Campaigns
  • Dominant and Consistent Online Presence
  • Customer Feedback Evaluation and Reporting

After Campaign

  • Influencer Outreach
  • Social Listening and Analytics
  • Tracking Results
  • Lead Generation
  • Audience Expansion

In today’s world, everyone who’s anyone is on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and what not. While nobody enjoys being stalked or bombarded with friendship requests, weird messages and creepy followings, everyone does enjoy reading a thoughtful message offering them one benefit or another. At Nadine Carr, that is what we do.

We create meaningful and coherent messages for your business and communicate them through the social media profiles. This ensures that your message is easily communicated and the desired response is obtained from your leads and customers, without annoying them!

Social Media Marketing Services Done Right

Growing Your Brand Story Through

Advanced Analysis

Social Media Strategy

Integrated Campaigns

Brand Management

Monitoring & Reporting

Training & Consulting

Content Creation & Management

Badge Creation and Strategy

Cross Channel Promotion

Community Management

Our Strategy

Social channels are important when it comes to solidify your message, establish a brand name, reach out to customers and identify key stakeholders. Our creatives and strategists understand social media better than anyone and come up with the right photos, memes, videos, hashtags and status updates to attract even the most reluctant readers. Having an active social media presence means analyzing your customer needs beforehand and drafting quality content. Nadine Carr helps you design killer strategies with the most impressive and captivating content, tailor-made to suit your customer needs and marketing channels. Unlimited business growth, effective CSR policies and an unmatched social standing are some of the many privileges you get to enjoy with Nadine Carr

How we Execute

We don’t simply post stuff. We redefine the art of communication. Our copywriters come up with the taglines and content and our graphic designers spice it up with impressive graphics and layouts. Our social team adds the finishing touch and distributes your messages across the social forum like fresh hot pizza – impossible to ignore!

The Sooner you get going the sooner you’ll start growing