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Social media management has made waves in marketing and for all the right reasons. No business can survive for long if it does not have a social media management powering its reputation. With social media changing the way brands interact with consumers this is not surprising.

Our aim is to help you realize that your social media management presence is a tool to drive YOUR success. Simply put, if it doesn’t have a following, your business doesn’t exist…period. If it doesn’t allow guest posts or enough content to promote your services, your business is done.

We specialize in social media management strategies that spread brand awareness, generate organic leads and traffic through custom solutions.

The way we do that is simple:

The first thing we do is evaluate your social landscape. This allows us to determine where you are compared to your competitors and what we do to make your leapfrog over them. To do this, we examine your target visitors to see how they behave on the said landscape.

The thing is we know that posting on social media is just the tip of the iceberg. Determining what should be posted and how it can grow your fan base is an art. Converting said fans to engaging and paying consumers through our social media management strategy is our main job.

Take charge of your social media presence today!

That is where content comes into the picture. We create content management and promotion campaigns that can make your brand stand out. This includes calendars that can sustain your brand’s buzz for as long as you need. We use end to end knowledge to integrate social with other aspects of your digital presence that can give your online presence a boost.

With aid from advanced analytics and social listening tools, we determine who should be targeted to give your online presence a human face. This allows us to create a robust social media presence for not only startups but also larger corporations.

We offer a range of services that can make you more social on your social media accounts the right way. This includes:

social media process
Email Marketing
A simple email is a mighty thing in the right hands. We can create and distribute email campaigns that can increase customer engagement and retention.
Content Marketing
Allow us to create and distribute content that can attract site visitors and increase retention. This includes videos, blogs, articles etc.
Social Media Management
Your social media accounts are the face of your business. Allow us to give it a facelift by redesigning how they communicate with targeted strategies.
PPC Campaigns
We use state-of-the-art technology to increase the efficiency of each campaign we create. Our transparent reporting system allows you to track progress in real time.
Search Engine Optimization
The key to good SEO is a marketing team that gets you. We can create targeted content through videos, articles, blogs, infographics etc. These building blocks will lay the foundation of a successful SEO campaign

Our job does not stop there. To ensure your brand does not lag behind, we constantly examine and monitor opportunities through data driven insights. This is followed by comprehensive reports of our findings which we send to you to keep you in the loop.

Why you should choose Nadine Carr

  • We know what it takes to make your brand prominent online. Even if your posting regularly, do you really know if it is making an impact?
  • We can make your resources last by engaging your fans across social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to name a few.
  • We can tell you where you lag and highlight areas which you may be ignoring.
  • We can help you create a fan following that can rival your competitors’ with in-depth research into your target influencers.
  • Need tweets daily? We have you covered and can tap into influencers as well.
  • Facebook page not giving enough leads? We can create engaging content that can get you more click-throughs.
  • We can curate content for you by sorting through the clutter. This includes curating content for target readers for the resources they need to fall in love with your brand.
  • We would love to have a chat with you regarding your vision for your brand and how we can use social media to help you.

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