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Chat messages

Chatbots and Chat Marketing – Everything You Need to Know (Plus a Great Messenger Marketing Platform)

Chatbots are taking the internet by storm. Although the first known ‘chat robot’ was built back in around 1960, chatbots didn’t come into the limelight until recently.

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A Complete Guide to Facebook Pixel

Long gone are the days when marketing campaigns meant a captivating billboard on the busiest roadside or a TV commercial during the 9 pm news bulletin.

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From Local to Global – Here’s How You can use Passive Income to Grow Your Local Business

When it comes to starting off a small business, things may not always be certain. Small businesses can see periods of a substantial surge in sales, but times when the business becomes slow can come just as easily.

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Here’s What You Need to do to Start a Podcast for Your Business

If you are looking for information on how to start a podcast for your business and you have absolutely no idea what you need to do in order to get the ball rolling, you are in luck. I have got you covered.

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Mastering Social Media Engagement During the Holidays

You may be thinking ‘How am I going to market my brand and stand out when every social platform is so saturated with brands just like mine?’

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Social Media Marketing – Are You Doing It Wrong?

Social media marketing is an effective form of marketing, as long as you have a plan that you not only implement but also test to find out what is working so you can do more of what works.

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Simple Customer Appreciation Concepts For Restaurants

Do your customers know how much you value their support and loyalty? And if yes, what steps does your restaurant take, to ensure that they understand that they‘re worth more than dollars and cents to you?

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social media strategy

How to Strengthen Your Social Media Strategy in 10 Steps

No matter which niche your business is in if it does not have a sound social media strategy you are probably not serious about it.

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All about Facebook Ads: Reasons Why They Fail and How to Fix it

Over the years, Facebook has proven itself as an amazing platform for marketers and new businesses to advertise their products.

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social media calendar

The Master Plan to Fill up Your Social Media Calendar like a Pro

Success on social media does not come easy. It requires a lot of time, energy, and dedication. In order to avoid losing focus during this journey, you need to plan things ahead of time.

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Content Marketing Strategies

Skyrocket Your Organic Traffic with these Content Marketing Strategies

Content marketing is part and parcel of what makes an online business successful. After all, content is what gives your brand an authoritative voice in your industry. When your target audience can rely on you for valuable insights and advice, they are more likely to buy what you have to offer.

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best social media management tools

Stay Organized & Save Time – 16 of the Best Social Media Management Tools and Platforms to Help Your Business Thrive

If there is one way in the world right now to help your business become recognized by the world right now, in whichever industry it’s in, and have a competitive edge, it is through providing it better recognition through social media marketing. Having an active presence on social media across the plethora of networks in…

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Instagram Hashtags for Your Business

A Complete Guide to Using Instagram Hashtags for Your Business

When it comes to social media marketing, ‘Content is King’. That’s one thing well sorted out and widely acknowledged. It applies very well when it comes to Instagram for social media marketing but what’s more important is the use of hashtags. If the content is the king then hashtags are the kingmaker or the Queen…

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LinkedIn Groups

The Reason LinkedIn Groups Can be Useful

LinkedIn Groups are not very popular. The reason for their unpopularity is the fact that most are full of spammers and people promoting themselves instead of being a part of something actually useful for businesses. That’s why it is no wonder that many would refuse to even think about the idea of creating a LinkedIn…

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How the LinkedIn Algorithm Works

How the LinkedIn Algorithm Works & How You Can Use It

If you have been using your LinkedIn for a while now, you might have recently noticed a bit of a change in the way it works. The amount of likes, shares, and comments has seen a decline. There is a reason why the user interaction on LinkedIn has significantly become so reduced and that is…

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