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Do these sound familiar?

You suffer from information overload and “shiny object syndrome”
You spent thousands on eBooks, courses and software and still aren’t seeing results?
You feel alone and isolated not knowing who to turn to
You spent countless hours putting up your website but aren’t getting website visitors?
You’re a local business with zero online presence, or, you feel like the flyers, postcards, and billboards just aren’t cutting it?

You’re Not Alone…

I hear it every day from clients who share their frustrations about their online business.

It usually boils down to four main obstacles that’s stopping them from reaching their goals:


    This is the biggest roadblock for most beginners. I bet it’s most likely what’s stopping you from moving forward.
    Setting up a website and getting all the elements working together is not an easy task for a beginner. Most people don’t show you where to begin and how to put it all together.


    You buy every product that you find, go through the content and feel overwhelmed by what you need to do first. You end up suffering from analysis paralysis and end up procrastinating. The whole vicious cycle repeats again.


    You don’t know where to begin, what to do first and what to do next. You don’t have a system to follow from A to Z.


    You don’t have the support, accountability and a coach to help you get through the challenges of an online business.

This Program is Different

The Online Business Builder Academy is less about giving you an abundance of information, and more about you taking focused action. It provides you with a unique step-by-step action system for turning what may be just a seed of a business idea in your head into a developed plan and actual online business.

  • Even if you don’t have a business idea yet
  • Even if you have no technical computer experience.
  • Even if you’re working a full-time job and have very little time to spare.
  • And you’ll get it all done in a very short period of time while feeling less overwhelmed, confused, or stuck.

Hi, I’m Nadine Carr, and like so many, I have had to juggle being a single mom (you know work, life, balance.), going through health struggles, dealt with employers who, no matter how great you are at your job, when you get sick, you are nothing but a number. When I had to choose between my new baby and my job, I said heck with this, enough is enough. …

I started an online business cause I told myself in 2010, after my maternity leave, while working for a financial institution, I never wanted to work for anyone ever again. I wanted control over how I lived my life. It was the best decision I ever made.

It wasn’t always roses, I tried and tested many different things. I failed at many things and fell for many things. In the process I’ve have learned a lot about myself. The biggest take away? … I needed a team, support, and most importantly, I changed my mindset and aligned it for success.

Fast forward to today, my online businesses have given me the freedom and lifestyle to work when, where, and how I want.

My online business has changed my life and it gives me the opportunity to help others too.

Now it’s your turn to succeed.
I will teach you how to build an online business that’s highly profitable. It wasn’t until I started treating my business like a real business and not just a hobby, that’s when things started to change. You have systems, a team, support, a mentor/coach, strategies, goals, and most importantly, the right mental attitude.

So, that gave me an idea …
I wanted a place where entrepreneurs can go to receive the proper foundations to start an online business and get the continued support of building and scaling their business.
I wanted a place where I can give more personal attention. Because I believe support is crucial if you want to build any business.

Which is why I created this online business Academy and community.

Introducing …
The Online Business Builder Academy (O.B.B.A.)

Equipping Entrepreneurs with essential online business and social media marketing skills, resources, tools, advice, and community needed to start, grow, and scale their business online.

  • Build an online business you’ll love waking up to every morning and choose to work when, where and how you want
  • Know precisely what to do with actionable steps to start making money online
  • Finally get the know-how to the technical parts of setting up your website
  • Get the support and guidance to help you move on to the next step.

Here’s How the Academy Works …

In exchange for your tiny monthly investment, you get:

  • 21 Day Intensive Online Business Launch
    A detailed step-by-step walkthrough of how to properly build and launch your first online business, build a Facebook campaign, creating your add account, crafting a compelling add, finding and targeting your perfect customer, setting up landing pages in less than 21 days.
  • On-Demand Training Courses Designed with you in mind, you’ll get access to courses created for you based on member needs so you can learn when and where you want.
  • Private Members Only Community You’ll get access to a supportive and welcoming community of like-minded members. You’ll be able to get feedback, get help with technical issues and discuss challenges you’re currently facing.
  • Set Your Goals The best way to get results and move forward is to set goals. Inside the members area you can set goals. It can be as big or small as possible. You can post updates for everyone to follow along your journey. You’ll form new and good habits and finally start seeing your first dollar, first subscriber or whatever it may be.
  • Coaching & Mentoring UNLIMITED one-on-one direct chat access to me, instructors, and tech geniuses, and business experts behind my brand, so you can ask any question and get the guidance you need, through my direct messaging system.
  • Feedback and Critique Get expert feedback from me about your website, social media ads, blog, sales page, opt-in page, eBook or anything else.
  • Exclusive Resources You’ll receive member-only content, tools, checklists and special discounts not offered outside the members area. As a valued member, you’ll have perks that non-members won’t ever get, like discounts on promotional products for your business. Downloadable Resources Each month, new resources will be added such as worksheets, ebooks, etc. You’ll have unlimited download access to these resources.
    Monthly Training Workshops. Each month you’ll receive access to a training workshop, where you’ll learn from me and other industry experts, what’s working now to growing your business online. You will have access to these recording as long as you are a member.

This Online Business Builder Academy is your opportunity to learn from Nadine and experts and ask questions about your very own business.

In this exclusive Academy you will learn how to …

  • Build a strong online business and brand.
  • Use social media to get more customers.
  • Turn your passion into a profit.

You will also learn how to …

  • Use proven methods for maximizing Facebook & Instagram to really grow your offerings & revenue.
  • Get More Visibility so people can find your business online.
  • Generate more leads for free.
  • Gain more followers and credibility.
  • Brand yourself and your company.
  • Create online marketing systems for your business.
  • Grow your profiles organically.
  • Get business accounting, legal structure, and operations advice.
  • Apply simple strategies to recognize and conquer the mental blocks many entrepreneurs experience including: doubt, self sabotage, and procrastination.
  • Save time in figuring things out on your own.
  • Work smarter, not harder.

Who is this membership for?

  • If you’re drowned by all the information, ideas and tools out there.
  • If you find the technical aspects of setting up an online business challenging such as sales pages, opt-ins and sales funnels
  • If you don’t have a plan, system or business model to follow.
  • If you feel like you’re alone and don’t have anyone to turn to for help.
  • If you want a clear plan to follow so you can stay focused and start seeing results.
  • If you’re serious about building your business and don’t mind putting in the hard work, being challenged and accountable

Your Investment

Imagine for a second, what it would feel like to know EXACTLY what you need to do to build a profitable online business.

And imagine how much time and freedom you’ll have… What would you do with that free time?

If you take away just one idea inside your membership, that would be well worth the investment. Act now while there’s an early bird special.

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P.S. I firmly understand that every person is unique and that every journey to a profitable and memorable personal brand and successful online business is going to be different so I invite you to join the “O.B.B.A.” Academy today to discover exactly how I can help you to reach your goals. Are you in?, it’s time to stop stressing and struggling and start shining like the superstar you are. I’m looking forward to personally welcoming you inside the members area.